Carlisle, MA


The Town of Carlisle Homepage supports AltaVista-like searches, which means you can get pretty fancy with how to search. So if you're familiar with that syntax, here's your chance:


And now the details:

Searching for specific words:
Putting a plus sign in front of a word will only return documents that have that word in it; putting a minus sign in front of a word will only return documents that do NOT have that word in it, e.g.:

+Carlisle +Cranberry
Will return all documents that include the words "Carlisle" and "Cranberry".

+Carlisle -Cranberry
Will return all documents that include the word "Carlisle" but not the word "Cranberry." Note: If you really like Boolean syntax, you can use "and," "or" and "not" instead of plus and minus signs as appropriate.

Searching for a phrase:
Putting words within quotation marks will make the search engine look for them as a phrase, e.g:

"Henry David Thoreau"
will bring up any pages with a reference to Henry David Thoreau but not a page that only includes the "David"

Using wildcards:
If you're not absolutely sure of the spelling of a word, you can use an asterisk to substitute for up to four letters, for example:

would bring up pages that contain either "Thoreau" or "thorough."

By default, the search engine ignores case if you type your entry in all lower case (i.e., it will find both upper- and lower-case words). However, if you do capitalize a word, it will search only for an upper-case version of that word, for example:

would return documents with "Carlisle" but not "carlisle."

Legal Issues

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