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Sighting: Early evening moose sighting at Kimball's Ice Cream parking lot about 5 p.m. on News Years Day, 2005.

The moose was sighted standing near a telephone pole at road's edge near the middle entrance to the parking lot. It was looking back into the parking lot, making eye contact with the observer, Dick Lamburn. It crossed over Bedford Road and went south into the woodsy portion of the Fox Run Conservation area when Dick attempted to open his auto door to get his camera.

Amy and Dale Izatt's Barred Owl with Catch

Amy took this picture of a "mom" with catch of the day -- a nice long snake!

A family of three barred owls reside near Heald Road this spring and summer. They have been seen and heard in nearby trees during the day and calling at night. [Now we all have this great photo - Ed.]

Late afternoon, 25 June 2009

Brent & Bryce Salmi Curve Street Deer

Brent & Bryce Salmi took this picture of a Doe crossing Curve St after mountain biking at Great Brook Farm
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Amy Izatt's Turkey Reflections

A wild turkey who loves to admire himself in our window when the lighting is just right for him!
Fox stalks turkey, that got away
the wild turkey who has been in the Heald Road neighborhood was seen eating a sunflower seed!
Missed again! Get out and stay out!
Wet red squirrel on patio

Ray Pichulo's Visiting Bear Photos


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Saturday, June 21, 2003 6:55 AM The Fox and the Doe

This morning we saw a doe with her new fawn at the end of our lower field near the path to the pond, and simultaneously, a red fox ran towards our bird feeder near the birch trees at our living room door. Both the fox and the doe spied each other at the same time at a distance of around 120 feet. The doe ran towards the fox about 1/3 of the distance towards the house. The fox ran behind our house toward the
llamas. The doe then went back to the fawn and escorted it down the pond path. Once the doe disappeared from view, the fox turned around and proceeded about half way to the doe/fawn sighting area at which time the doe ran back, alone, gang busters, with her ears flared like an elephant and proceeded to chase reggie around and around the lower field until the fox gave up and crossed over onto a neighbor's driveway. What an event, nature is truly wonderful to behold
Ed Fields

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