Manual of Arms


Our Sergeant Harvey illustrates some of the more common musket carrying commands.

This is far from a complete list, especially when it comes to firing the piece.


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 Order Arms or Order Firelocks.




Shoulder Firelock (always on the left shoulder).



Advance Firelock, front view.



 Advance Firelock, with closeup of grip.



Present Firelock, front view.



 Present Firelock, side view.



Right Shoulder Slope Carry.



Left Shoulder Slope Carry. Easier to maintain, as piece is better balanced than Shoulder Firelock.



Trail Carry, used on the Estabrook Trail, naturally.



Squirrel Carry, used when we suspect squirrels may be in the vicinity.



Mourn Arms. Ask Stuart about this one.  Looks like his foot is in danger!

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