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*National Archives NARA ensures, for the citizen and the public servant, for the President and for the Congress and the Courts, ready access to essential evidence.
Applying for Your U.S. Passport the Easy Way The Department of State's Bureau of Consular Affairs has prepared this publication to assist you in applying for your U.S. passport. This guide provides information on how, when and where to apply for your passport.
411 Locate People Finder, Residential and Business Directory Assistance
555-1212.COM White Pages, includes reverse lookup: Look up someone using just their phone number, then locate the address on a map.
Acronym Finder A searchable database containing common acronyms and abbreviations about all subjects, with a focus on computers, technology, telecommunications, and the military.
Big Yellow Bell Atlantic Yellow Pages
InfoSpace E-Mail Address Lookup. Revese Lookup
Libraries Page Local, State and Federal Library Finder
My Virtual Reference Desk A virtual reference desk that takes the place of several shelves full of books, with pointers to the kind of fast "look it up" information we all need to find now and then.
Ready Reference A Selection of Ready Reference Web sites Picked by the staff of Lakewood Public Library   Lakewood, Ohio
Hypertext Webster Interface This hypertext Webster interface provides a point-and-click client interface for accessing the various Webster's dictionary services on the Internet.
Britannica Internet Guide Free guide to the highest "quality" Web sites on the Net. Sites are rated from 1 to 3 stars, but just getting on the list is a real coup.
* FindArticles earch through articles from over 300 sources, dating back to 1998, and view them for free.
* Savings Amount Calculator This calculator can be used to calculate how much you can save, and to calculate how much you will need to save to reach a particular goal
Currency Converter perform interactive foreign exchange rate conversion on the Internet
Mega Converter The Web's (and the Universe's) Best Place to Figure Out What Equals What... Also, ... calculator.comNumeric, Scientific, Time, UnitConverter Currency
WhoWhere Communications Guide Tired of paying exorbitant charges for long distance information? Find it here.
Zip Locator USPS ZIP Code Lookup and Address Information
* Deja Search The Usenet exploration tool, Also try Usenet Power Search
Whatis The knowledge exploration tool about information technology, especially about the Internet and computers.
InterNIC WhoIs InterNIC Directory and Database Services provides a unified access point to the two official Internet WHOIS servers for person and organization queries.
International WhoIs International InterNIC Directory and Database Services. What country does a message addressed as represent?
 www.announce Archive of recently announced WWW sites. Loads your newsreader.
 All Things Culinary Links to many cooking related entries.
 Bartlett's Quotations Passages, Phrases and Proverbs traced to their Sources.
 BiblioMania A love of books pursued to the point of unreason or madness.
The Copyright Web This site endeavors to provide real world, practical and relevant copyright information of interest to infonauts, netsurfers, webspinners, content providers, musicians, appropriationists, activists, infringers, outlaws, and law abiding citizens.
Doctor's Guide to the Internet Information and information services most likely to help promote the informed and appropriate use of medicines by health care professionals and organizations as well as by the people to whom they are prescribed.
Encylopedia List Yahoo brings us encyclopedias...
The Farmer's Almanac Fun and practical information for everyday life, including moon calendars, planting charts, recipes, weather predictions and more.
Flowerbase Flowerbase - a database offering over 7,000 pictures of flowers, plants and garden plants.   Also  Gardening,    *Garden Guides
Genealogy Some major genealogy sites on the World Wide Web
Grandfather Clocks FAQ Frequently Asked Questions
How Stuff Works Learn about how things work in the world around you.
Info Source "The World's BEST Reference Source" 350+ pages, 30,000+ links, 200+ links added weekly, used in over 70 countries
CataList, Tile.Net List Server lists, Search for topics of interest, sign up, be sure to set the DIGEST property, and await the deluge of daily mail messages.
Map List Yahoo brings us maps, maps, and more maps
Massport, Logan Airport Logan International Airport Information "Nonstop Customer Service"
Microsoft Cinemania Movie reference, rated with RSACi
The Business Week Mutual Fund Corner Gathered in one place a wide range of information aimed at serving one purpose: To help mutual-fund investors make the right choices. Take a look around. You'll be amazed at what you can learn by hanging out on this corner!
New York Times Book Reviews New York Times (NYT) book review pages offers its authoritative prose on a site offering an archive of more than 50,000 book reviews from 1980 to the present. Read first chapter on some titles. Free of Charge, but user must be registered.
Oyez Oyez Oyez A multimedia database about the United States Supreme Court
Passport Services The State Dept. makes it easier.
Patent Server IBM provides access to over 26 years of U.S. Patent & Trademark Office (USPTO) patent descriptions as well as the last 23 years of images
PubMed PubMed has been developed in conjunction with publishers of biomedical literature as a search tool for accessing literature citations and linking to full-text journals at Web sites of participating publishers. ("More than 22,000 people visit the database each day, an estimated three-quarters of them looking for information they didn't get at the doctor's office". See Globe article 'On line is when doctor is out' by Matt Villano, Monday, August 25, 1997.)
Restaurant Report On-line Best of the Best, check out Boston, see you in Waltham.
Study Web Performs specialized searches on a growing collection of over 63,000 Research Quality URLs. (and still growing!)
Translate foreign text to English Translate your personal letters, articles, journals, e-mail.
This Day in History The History Channel
Ask Dr. Universe More on the Kids page
World Population World population currently stands at 5.9 billion persons .
Women's Connection Online The first step for women on the Internet.
  Search Engines
MetaFind Search the net with a multi-engine search tool. Yahoo!, Lycos' A2Z, Excite Guide, World Wide Web Worm, WWW Yellow Pages, PlanetSearch, What U Seek, Magellan, Lycos, WebCrawler, InfoSeek, AltaVista, Excite & HotBot. Can also direct searches to USENET, FTP, or NewsWire Sites
AltaVista Search Info Alta Vista boasts a huge web database, with over 250 million pages, and since they index millions of pages per day, it's likely the freshest as well. (TOURBUS - 25 Jan 2000 - Advanced Searching click on item 000126)
Northern Light Search Engine Narrow your search with custom search folders. At Northern Light, our proprietary technology works to bring you fast, accurate search results. We do the work on the back end to make sure that your search results are what you requested.  This prevents you from having to waste time sifting through disorganized, irrelevant information.
Research It Tools to pinpoint your research on just about anything
The Internet Sleuth Choose from over 2000 databases
DejaNews Kickstart Tool to pinpoint your research on just about anything in any newsgroup

* Indicates new entry

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