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Learn the basics of using Linux without getting bogged down in too much detail or technobabble. This free online tutorial will teach you about the Linux file system useful commands, text editors, data manipulation, shell programming, accesing DOS and Windows Files from Linux and much more.

Scan Ports
Instant security analysis.
Q: If I am on the net 24hrs a day, will I get hacked?

(#2466) A: The longer your computer is accessible, the higher the chances of an intrusion. This doesn't mean dial up access is safe. An intruder is able to enter your computer through open and accessible ports. This means you have to make sure you don't have any unnecessary open ports on your computer and secure the ones that have to be open (due to services you need to run). If you make sure all your ports are closed or hidden, the length of time you are on line becomes irrelevant.

Zip Backup to CD Zip Backup to CD is a data backup software designed to backup your data files using the standard Zip file format, allowing backup files to be viewed and restored with most zip file utilities.
Home Networking Basics Welcome to J.Helmig's World of Windows Networking, Includes: FAQ Windows95 / 98 / ME / NT4 / 2000 Networking and Trouble Shooting.
Home Networking Step-by-step guide on how to set up a network at home for file sharing, network gaming, sharing printers, and sharing one internet connection between multiple computers.
WC3 Document Validation Service Checks documents like HTML and XHTML for conformance to W3C Recommendations and other standards.
For accessibility to those with disabilities:Bobby was created to help web page authors identify and repair barriers to access by individuals with disabilities.
Get Scotís Newsletter Scotís Newsletter covers Windows, broadband, do-it-yourself networking, Microsoft, and the Internet.
Langa Letter: Traveling With Laptops In The Post-9/11 World 10 tips for speeding your electronic gear safely through even the most rigorous security searches
How to Obscure Any URL How Spammers And Scammers Hide and Confuse
Historical Stock Prices Daily, Weekly, Monthly and Divident reports on Ticker Symbol
Learn Visual Studio .NET This site has hours of screen cam videos on many .NET topics that you can download and watch in Windows Media Player 7.x.
The Living Internet the Internet's most comprehensive reference about the Internet
DSL from the viewpoint of AT&T open from current location and read the pdf file
The Physics of the Web Its all about degrees of separation Learn about computer virus myths, hoaxes, and urban legends at Rob Rosenberger's excellent site.
CD-R Primer Audio Basics for CD-R, Writing DVDs, ...
* How DVDs Work what to look for when buying a DVD player, a little DVD history and much more
DSL Speed Test Test the speed of your dsl connection. (unless of course, you live in Carlisle!!)
Ascii Table ASCII stands for American Standard Code for Information Interchange
Power Search Usenet archives An alternate interface to the Usenet Power Search
Internet Law Library Features extensive summaries of court decisions shaping the law of the web
Internet County Codes AF is Afghanistan, .... ZH is Zimbabwe
Internet Traffic Report The Internet Traffic Report monitors the flow of data around the world. It then displays a value between zero and 100. Higher values indicate faster and more reliable connections
WhatIs Guru-to-human translator, an online dictionary of computing terms
Web Basics How to Go From Newbie to Net Builder.
Children's Software Finder Each of CSR's reviews shows the software's rating (from 1 (lowest) to 5 (highest)); the publisher's name, URL, and phone number; the software's copyright date; its price; the platform(s) that the software runs on; the age group and grade level that the software is written for; and the skills that the software teaches. Right below this information you'll find a short editorial on the software's strengths and weaknesses. CSR includes a searchable database of over 2,800 children's software reviews.
CompuNotes Notes from The Cutting Edge of Personal Computing. To subscribe, send an e-mail to
WHAT IS ICQ?  ICQ (an acronym for "I Seek You") is an easy-to-use Internet tool that tells you when your friends are online and helps you to contact them easily. More about ICQ in the following TourBus Archive
The Internet Tourbus If you're new to the 'Net you should consider the TOURBUS required riding. And even old-timers will find this a valuable refresher course in what's hot, what's cool, and what's plain fun in cyberspace. Besides, your ticket is free!
Using and Understanding The Internet The PBS resource to help you get more from your time online.
CWSApps List the ultimate one-stop download site for the latest and greatest software on the Internet. Macs also at tucows
Simtel Net Keith Petersen's worldwide distribution network for Shareware, Freeware, and Public Domain programs. CNet's newest programs, hottest downloads for PCs and Macs
Catalist CataList, the official catalog of LISTSERVģ lists
Tile.Net The Comprehensive Internet Reference to Discussion Lists
The Web Review WEB REVIEW offers hot-off-the-wire information for building innovative and effective Web sites
The Web Worker's Toolbox A Guide to Effective Communication on the World Wide Web

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E-Mail Notes
TOURBUS TOPIC: Encryption - The Digital Privacy Solution Sending e-mail is like sending a post card - any postal clerk along the way can read your note. In cyberspace, unethical sysops or hackers may sneak a peak at your digital dispatches. And even your boss may be monitoring your e-mail. The solution? Put your electronic communication in a digital envelope, with user-friendly encryption tools.

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