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I have uploaded to Simtel.Net:   1041814 bytes     Six activities to teach U. S. geography

"If You Want To Learn U.S.  Geography" is the solution to the problems
today's students (and adults!) have with geography.  The activities
of USGEO will soon transform even the most geographically illiterate
into a geography wizard.  The program effectively utilizes colorful
VGA graphics and speech.  Hear the state and capital names spoken!
The following activities are included with the program:

 1. Match the State Names to states on the map.
 2. Match Capitals to states on the map.
 3. Put together an electronic puzzle map of the U.S.A.  by moving
    the states with the mouse to their appropriate locations.
 4. Travel from one state to another by naming all the states in between.
 5. A geography Quiz including State Information and Attractions.
 6. Display State Information such as State Bird, Flower, Tree, Song,
    and Motto.  Also enter and save your own comments for each state.

Options are customizable for each student using the program.  Also,
scores are saved and may be viewed for each student.

Special requirements: 486 or faster, Microsoft Windows 3.1 or Win 95

Shareware.  Uploaded on behalf of the author, KidStuff Software.

Andrew M. Saucci, Jr.

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