1. Battle Road. Generally the Saturday before Patriots' Day. Next
year will be on 4/15/2000. This starts at the North Bridge at 7:30 or
8 AM and wends its way through Concord, Lincoln, and Lexington, ending
around 4PM in the eastern part of Lexington.

2. The "Commemoration of the Concord Conflict" (CCC). This is a
smaller scale ceremony at the North Bridge, generally held just before
the parade gets there on Patriots' Day (which, for parade purposes, is
held on 4/19 if 4/19 is a Saturday, Sunday, or Monday, and the Monday
holiday otherwise).

3. Various non-annual events held at the National Park. Check out


for this year's list.

4. Ceremonies & celebrations

Within the local area, these are too numerous to mention all of, BUT,
official Town commemorations include:

a. Meriam's Corner Ceremony. Usually the Saturday a week before
Patriots' Day (i.e. 4/8/2000, I believe). Small parade marches from
Ripley School to the Meriam House. Fife & Drum, wreath laying, etc.

b. Concord Parade. Date as described above. Wreath laying ceremony
at the North Bridge.

c. Dawn Salute. Dr. Prescott rides up the Buttrick Hillside at the
National Park to give the alarm. Short speeches, 21 gun combined
cannon & musket salute. This is ALWAYS on 4/19.

This can't possibly be a complete list, but at least it's a start. For
more about Battle Road 2000, check out 


Feel free to contact me with any other questions...