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   Timeline of Art History
The Timeline of Art History is a chronological, geographical, and thematic exploration of the history of art from around the world, as illustrated especially by the Metropolitan Museum of Art's collection.
The Artchive offers browser access in HTML format to the archive for more than ... 2,000 scans from over 200 different artists.
The Frick Collection
Includes a virtual tour with 360-degree panoramic views.
The Greatest Painters on the Web Features articles and images of each artist.

An adventure in art history by Educational Web Adventures

* Texas Net, Museum of Art
Great archive, but very slow.
Aboriginal Art of Australia Largest collection of Aboriginal Art on the Net
Art Crimes Graffiti related stuff show issues documents
Internet Art Resources Good guide of art on web
Art History Resources
Sweet Briar College pages to images and artists. Pre-hist to 20th cen, non-contemp.
Big Resource art history search
Women Artists Archive
ArtsEdNet - Online services supporting arts education from the Getty Education Institute for the Arts

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