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village view, 1868 Carlisle was first settled in 1650, and twice became a district, first in 1754 and then again in 1780, just after the American Revolution, before incorporation as a town in 1805. Carlisle today is a community of close to 4,900 residents. Carlisle's unique features include its rural appearance and strong community spirit. Although there are no industrial parks, no apartment complexes, no condominiums, no traffic lights, and no shopping plazas, Carlisle is still within 40 minutes of Boston, and is convenient to four major shopping areas. Approximately 25% of the town is protected conservation land.

Carlisle Vision  Long Range Planning Report

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Statistics   Community Profiles
Town Center: 20 miles nw. of Boston, MA Map of Town Center Department of Housing and Community Development
Total Area: 15.53 square miles (9,856 Acres)    
(2009): not yet published
(2008): 4,874 (ref)
(2007): 4,882
(2006): 4,851
(2005): 4,843
(2004): 4,838
(2003): 4,856
(2002): 4,843
(2001): 4,802
(2000): 4,737
(1805):    634 (Incorporated)
Commonwealth Communities Statistics
Density: 314 persons per square mile (2008)    
Roads: Approximately 55 miles   Credits
Highways: Route 225, Route 27   Carlisle Center Village scene courtesy of the Gleason Public Library Historical Collection
Tax Rate (2007,2008,2009): $11.96, $12.86, $14.04, respectively    
County: Middlesex    
Postal Code: 01741    
Phone Numbers: Area Code (978), Directory   Metropolitan Area Planning Council:
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Brief History of Carlisle

First settled in 1650, Carlisle was twice a district before becoming a town. The first district was formed in 1754 entirely from the northerly part of Concord; but because the inhabitants could not agree on the location for building a meetinghouse for religious worship, the territory was returned to Concord in 1756.

In 1758, Timothy Wilkins gave 1.5 acres of land for building such a meetinghouse, which was erected in 1760 just northwest of the present First Religious Society in Carlisle Center. This was the spark needed to establish the second district of Carlisle during the Revolution on April 28, 1780 from portions of Concord, Acton, Chelmsford, and Billerica. At that time there were ninety dwellings and one hundred two families. Early industries other than farming included grist, fulling and saw mills. Later came granite and copper mining and the cranberry bog on Curve street. [More]

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Public Library

Gleason Library

Gleason Library

Gleason Public Library
22 Bedford Road
PO Box 813
Carlisle, MA 01741
(978) 369-4898

Public Schools

Carlisle Public Schools
    (978) 369-6550, Grades K-8 Located in Carlisle
Concord-Carlisle Regional High School
    (978) 371-4610, Grades 9-12 Located in Concord
Minuteman Science Technology High School
    (781) 861-6500, Grades 9-13 Located in Lexington
Carlisle School District Profile compiled by the Massachusetts Department of Education.

Town Office

Town Hall, Carlisle, MA 01741
Carlisle Town Office
66 Westford Street
Carlisle, MA 01741
978 369-6155 (Town Clerk)
978 371-6688 (Town Administrator)

  Office Hours:
    Monday-Friday 9:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.m.

Town Government

Police Department

Carlisle Police Department
41 Lowell Street
Carlisle, MA 01741
(978) 369-1155 Business Line

Fire Department

Carlisle Fire Department
80 Westford Street
Carlisle, MA 01741
(978) 369-1442 Business Line

Public Works Department

Carlisle Public Works Department
Elizabeth Ridge Road
Carlisle, MA 01741
(978) 369-6156

Town Committees and Commissions

See Directory

U.S. Post Office

U.S. Post Office
Dana C. Atkinson, Postmaster 70 Bedford Street
Carlisle, MA 01741
See hours of operation and pickup times on TownServiceHours page.

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